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The time where our overly big bag was just a piece of fashion and really only contained our phone and wallet is quite over. More and more mini bags make their way to our life -and may I add- heart (it is scientifically proven that smaller and cutter things are considered easily loved)

.....or to be honest, I don't really now if this is proven by science but I am sure of it...

Enough with the gibberish! Let's talk clutches!

You know I am a big fan of everything flashy but I cannot deny the un-deniable beauty and charm of a classic look. A classic look paired with a eye-catching clutch is what defines elegance for me. AOVO is an exclusive fashion accessories brand you can shop on StyleWe.com. They have styles fitted for modern and elegant women. Pair it with a classic LBD or LWD for a more chic look. The cluthes would look at their best modern selves even when paired with jeans and high heels....or why not a pair of flat sandals? They are in style right now, aren't they?

Which one is your favorite? I have a thing for #1

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*This post is in collaboration with StyleWe.com but all the thoughts are my own. Why not be? Look at these beauties!



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