And the ultimate confession comes; I don't like my slightly bigger boobs. Why?  I am ashamed to admit that I believe that flat chested girls look way better on many blouses than me. I am deeply sorry to all the big breasted girls out there but this is how I feel. Boobs are feminine? Sure thing.  But I think almost every top or dress looks way better with smaller breasts. High fashion agrees with me. And no, this is how I always felt since long ago when girls that were my age started commenting on how my breasts are bigger than theirs. I was always conscious of them and I even wore bandage around my chest area to make them look smaller. I remember wearing daily scarves as to not show how big my boobs were. Of course I have changed now and I appreciate them but I still secretly wish I had smaller boobs. Studying with fashion designers all around me I realized that high fashion and fashion designers are not fond of boobs too. They love the boyish look because their clothes will look better on these types of bodies. 

What are your thoughts on this?

I wore this two piece which I made some time ago. The blouse was a piece I had to make for a project and it happened to match my handmade skirt. Not really a planned two-piece but oh well. Bomber jackets have a special place in my heart, especially if they are made of satin. This Embroidered Glossy Jacket from Zaful is just the perfect piece to slowly fall into Fall! The jacket is affordable and the quality is pretty good. 

I was seriously going for this Japanese-Chinese look with the hair so I decided to top it off with those shoes. 

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