I moved 120km away from home last Thursday.

Wait...was this too sudden of an intro?

Oh well. 

College started last Wednesday and I am finally living on my own. Right now I am well clothed-fed from a shopping spree and sitting comfortably on a Starbucks -it has fast internet do not judge me of being basic- in the center of Athens. I promised you better photos on October and this is exactly the reason why I have been absent for a week. I went basic with my first photoshoot which we went to shoot in OAKA stadium. I love the architecture of the stadium and I wanted this fresh start to be clean and in a location I love. I have so many news and stories to share but this post will be way too long and I don't want to bore you so I promise to share them in parts! Life is pretty exciting when you live on your own because let's face it; it's pretty damn amazing to be able to roam naked when you are home. 

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photographer: Ria Mort



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