Attention! This is not a guide on how to look like a French girl. I am simply a girl wearing a beret! 
This is my take on a simple outfit. I love the hem of those jeans. They are comfortable and the price is pretty good. As a fashion student I am a little dissapointed because the right stitches were cut wrong and I know that because they tend to go to the front instead of staying on the right side of my leg (I really hope this makes sense). I guess this explains the price. I paired them with a turtleneck and those not-Chanel cat heels from Zara. I mean, I love Zara but the design is the same as the real Chanel ones and this is why I love them.

Student's budget problems!

So life lately is so so so busy and honestly I wouldn't want it any other way. I mean where is the fun in being lazy? I still feel like I need more time and would love to not need any sleep and get more things done in a day but this is not the case as I am only human. We attended the Athens's Xclusive Designer's Week last week and it was...not that interesting. As a show lover the shows were pretty plain. Only a few caught my eye like the designers Vasillis Zoulias and Tassos Mitropoulos. I only went on Saturday so I am in no place to have a complete opinion of the event. It was a fun night in general.

One thing you probably noticed here is that I am wearing glasses. Don't let it fool you cause they were just an accessory. The geeky side of me is strong -as strong as my vision. I used to want to wear glasses when I was a high schooler. Why? I thought they looked cool and I made my mum take me to the doctor up to 3 times to check. Each time they congratulated me for my perfect eyesight. I was so sad then. I am not proud of my younger self now I swear! 

Have you guys ever had weird fashion choices like that in the past?
Please let me now (don't let me be embarrassed on my own, save a poor soul!)!

Bag, shoes and earrings from Zara



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Photography: Ria Mort

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