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Backpacks for college students are as essential as pillows are for your bed. Or a cup of coffee on your Monday mornings. As essential as internet connection is for a blogger or as essential it is for my mum to remind me 3 to 4 times a day that I should remember to lock my door. 

You get the grip here.

As a fashion design student I get to carry stuff that are almost reaching my own weight on a daily basis. We have photoshoots or styling project and all of the behind the scenes of this glam is in our hands. Literally.

Just today me and my college classmates came to the conclusion that this is our fate. If you pick to work on a fashion field then you are doomed to carry stuff around. Needless to say my back hurts but I can really see muscles forming. No time to hit the gym? Problem solved! I picked some practical backpacks that also look super chic when you carry them around. 

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