Kind of what love is. 
NO, don't leave this is not getting cheesy I swear! I mean, I feel I am getting cheesy at times (blame the romantic dramas) but not cringe-y cheesy. 
Anyways, today is the XClusive Athens Designers Week. What does this mean? It practically is an organization where Greek designers showcase their collections but not the official Fashion Week -thus the XClusive part. It is a 3-day event. I will be attending so I will probably make a post to show you around and show you the collections/outfits/designers I liked best. 

So the questions is...what would you guys wear? Do you think a classic or a more trendy outfit is the best option? I always go for classic with an eye-catching pair of shoes or bag when I am stuck. Playing safe is fine (says the girl with the stockings and the lace top) but an interesting outfit that can steal the show is not so bad now, is it?

...also to answer your question; YES, I will be showing you around Athens's best architecture places. I love Athens and one tip when visiting the city is to always -ALWAYS- remember to look up! The building above your eye level is most of the time has amazing architecture.

Jacket & Blouse Stradivarius

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Photography: Ria Mort



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