I swear I am bipolar. I am not the type of person that is comfortable posing in front of a camera and each time I do I feel like I am challenging myself. I often find myself needing to feel the sweet pressure of new challenges. You will never know if you are good at something -or correction- you will never really be good at something if you don't get yourself out of your comfort zone. Don't get me wrong; I am the happiest introvert alive. I can spend endless hours in my little, comfy bubble with movies and Chinese take out and still feel genuinely happy. Besides, if you are in good company when you are with yourself you are the luckiest person alive. 

Where were we? Oh yeah! Challenges!
Challenges are what you need to grow and learn as a person. Take it from me, the person that almost 4 years ago used to wear her brother's clothes and thought that Converse was the only shoe brand on earth that fits her. No kidding, I felt like I wasn't cool enough to try anything "fancier". Style-wise as well as color-wise too. I believed that if you are wearing a color you should always and I mean ALWAYS pair it with black. For instance; Green blouse? Black pants. Or green pants? Black blouse. Not an option for teen me. 

How I got past that? I challenged myself and then challenged myself some more. I still do. It's like a little dose of a harmless drug that makes me happier and wiser. And today I own a badaboomingly amazing collection of fancy shoes. Get the grip here?

This post should be titled; Miista Obsession Part 3.
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As a recap for those that are not aware of my obsession; I have a shoe-design love for Miista. A shoe brand based in London. Their catchy designs captured the part of my heart that wants to be a shoe designer. As a disclaimer: I am not getting paid for any of those posts. I did receive the shoes as a collaboration but as you can see from my previous two posts my love is real. Supporting brands that I believe are worth to be presented is my number 1 rule. The shoes are breathtakingly beautiful up close and they make everyday outfits look chic and stylish. The shoes are E8 by Miista.

Jacketjumpsuit and bag from Zara
Earrings Vintage
Shoes E8 by Miista



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