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My little trick when I am feeling down and not confident at all is to go the other way and wear something that says to the world "Yep, I am cool enough to wear that!". Imagine it like being the cover of a book. You don't know what is inside but if the cover is fancy and daring you would think that the plot is fancy and daring too. Simple as that. Red is a color that represents passion and confidence. So when you are feeling like you are lacking both at that moment go full force and wear a color like red. That color will do it's magic and you will instantly feel like you look daaamn good in it. 

Feeling a little bit more daring? Add a red lip and you can conquer the world.

Today we are talking about red dresses. The dresses above are from FashionMia, an online fashion store that offers affordable clothing pieces. They also offer plus size clothing. I picked red dresses is classic styles that are easier to accessorize. Those cheap dresses wold look amazing with a pearl necklace for a more chic look. I am the kind of girl that loves her armor accessories so I would pair it with a leather jacket and some silver accessories.  

Are you daring enough to wear red?



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