Unrealistic? Too revealing? She cannot probably walk if she wears this one outside. The pants are too big on the model, what was the designer thinking? Her make up is like a raccoon having a bad Monday morning, was the make up artist too lazy to clean the smudges?  

I get it. I do. It is only natural for people to think like this when they are watching the runway shows. I am here to decode the shows in simple language. It is a "show". You don't by no means have to recreate the look you are seeing the model wearing on the runway. 

Well, if you are Rihanna you probably can and will.
But you are not.

Runway shows are shows. They are created to wow and attract your attention. The pants are too big because the stylist wanted to style them like this. When you buy the pants you will indeed get them in your size. Is the model rocking a pink smokey eye and the hat she is wearing will probably not fit the door frame if she tries to enter a room? Well, guess what! The accessories are just for the show some times! The see-through top the model is wearing? If you don't like showing as much skin you can definitely wear it with a top underneath. Simple as that. 

The designer is behind the analogies, the patterns and the colors. The stylist that is putting together the outfit is there to make a show for you and give you some new fresh inspiration. People have to see how the designer is mix matching the patters or the colors. How
florals and stripes paired together can indeed look great or how a maxi dress in this color and fabric can be so chic. The role of the designer is to show you new shapes and color palettes and patterns. You have to decode/divide the clothing pieces to understand what the designer is "saying". The role of the stylist is to take the pieces the designer created and show you new ways to style your outfits. He or she shows you that midi skirts can look great with crop tops and flat shoes. In order to keep your interest he will over-accessorize at times to create the "show" part of the runway show. Lastly the role of the make up artist and the hairdresser is to complete the whole look.

The phrase that fits the end of this post is this:

You Do You. You take whatever you can from the show and make it yours. Get inspired and this doesn't mean you have to copy what you are seeing.

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