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Hello! I am back! Actually well, kinda back because my exam period is not over but at least I can breath! This time around I didn't even have a chance to think about if I should continue blogging through my exam period because I was too busy! Sleepless nights and way too much wrist pain from the endless sketching. I am a fashion design student. One thing to say; I have exciting projects coming up! Sooner or later I will be meddling my own designs here so you can see my work. Expect way too may leather pieces. Surprised? Naah. 

Also there is a Christmas Giveaway on my Facebook page. Enter here to win this handmade necklace. Follow the 3 rules bellow!

Back to the post, I am a fan of bell-sleeves and this season is a fan as well because I have been seeing this trend everywhere. I picked my favorite bell sleeve sweaters from StyleWe best collection. You can find more knitwear pieces here. I love #1 and #3 because of the different print. 

Which one is your favorite?



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