Getting close to the end of the year, I keep on thinking of all the things I could have done differently and all the things that failed to be done all at once. Don't get me wrong, 2016 was not a bad year, it was rather eye-opening I would say. I decided as last year (read last year's list here) I would make a list of all the things I learned and those lessons I will be keeping with me for the next year. This is the list I wanted Dora to know one year ago;

  1. There is no such thing as a logical explanation when you describe how someone treated you or someone you know. Everyone has their own character and their own version of "logical". If you try to decode each and every person you will end up an empty shell. 
  2. That friend that keeps talking about everyone behind their back? Yep, guessed it right! He is talking behind your back too. 
  3. Progressing an idea by yourself VS progressing an idea with other creative minds. No comparison. The later always wins. When two or more creative minds form a team, the outcome is amazing. 
  4. Be arrogant when it's needed. Being soft will make people eventually want to step on you. 
  5. Hang out with people that have dreams. Not particularly the same dream as you but with those that dream big. People with dreams are never going to stay in the same place. You will learn through them and they will learn through you too. Win-Win situation!
  6. Write down your dreams. Think of all the ways that you can make them happen and start doing everything you wrote. Positive thinking is not a myth at all.
  7. Nothing is done by chance. The decisions you make and the people around you make can change your life. So keep good people around you only.
  8. Focus on one thing at a time. Don't try to complete every idea you have in mind at the same time. Take time to excel and complete each task.
  9. Don't feel inferior to anyone. Every person has the same skills or can acquire the same skills so work on the things you want to excel at and stop taking to heart every bitter soul that tells you what you are doing is not worth it.
  10. Do not get tired of trying. Take each step slowly, you never know when the end is. I might have not realized my dreams yet but I believe that hard work always pays off. 



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Photography: Ria Mort

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