I know this is a little late BUT I really enjoyed last years looks and I wanted to make a short recap. 
Last year was a fun blogging year for me -it has to be fun or else I am too lazy to do it- but at the end of 2016 I started taking my blog more seriously and felt the need to post more quality content. By quality I mean well-thought posts done with research behind them. From last October I started working with a talented photographer called Ria Mort (see her work here). I chose her because her point of view is absolutely amazing and you can see how passionate she is about her work. She is a fashion editorial photographer mostly and this is why we connected. I decided to work with a photographer so I can bring best quality photos. Now.. 'hiring' a photographer is a BIG deal when you are a college student and on a budget and this is mostly why my quantity is low at the moment. I hope you understand and enjoy my looks more than the previous ones I took by myself. As a college student I am busy with college projects and this is why I am not that organized with my blog. I am also 80% content with the posts I present to you and I still have a big 20% to work on. I want to bring more fantasy and better clothes but my budget is low at the moment #studentlife.
I am also VERY exited to announce that I am working on bringing my OWN design into my blog. This means I will be creating my designs into actual clothes and will be presenting them to you too. 
Without further ado enjoy my favorite looks from 2016!

Click each photo to visit the post!

I know, too little from the period BEFORE my upgrade but this is my honest truth! I was so happy with my upgrade that everything else seemed a little bit meh to me. The hard work behind all of my post I believe is showing!

Happy New Year loves! Thank you so so much for all your comments and support. I am so happy to have made so many great friends through blogging that I would not have it any other way!!!

Always Love,


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