I am so thrilled to feature this bag brand on my blog today. The brand is called Feel Wood and their bags are made out of... you guessed it. Wood! Sandy Pigi is the designer behind the brand. I was blown away by the creativity and the excellent use of the main material. I always loved wood and I used to make wooden jewelry back in high school so I share the same love for the material. She definitely took it to another level and as a designer myself I can see the passion she has behind her designs. You can find more on her site www.fwbags.com and on the Instagram page.

On a heavier note..
I have got the blues. I decided not to have the same tittle as the last one and I also wanted to have a blog post with a content like: New Year, New Me but I am just not feeling it and I will never post something I don't feel. So...
I have got the blues. Reason? No idea why! I just feel like I want to do 1 million things and I always end up doing none of those these past few days. I am stuck in 2016 still. I need a push to work more and feel less depressed. Lately I have been wanting to set all my past 'business' straight. By business I mean to tell all the people that did me wrong in the 2016 how I felt. Is it even worth it though? I really need your opinions on this one. When you have some leftover feelings of "what-if" and you feel like the only way these are going to go away is by letting those people know how they wronged you, what do you do then? 
I feel like I am too young and then I am an adult. Addressing all my audience that is older than me (21);  please tell me if you learned that this is worth it. I mean if you learned from your experience that actually telling the person that wronged you how you felt brought to you some kind of cleansing. 
I am not badly hurt, by no means. I am just feeling wronged. This conversation was brought up by a friend of mine experiencing the same thing I did some time ago and I really got down to remember all those feelings I had some time ago that made me stuck in a prison cell. Now that I am released from those hurtful feelings I feel wronged that another human being that I considered once a close friend made me feel so much pain at one point.

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