I have no idea why I didn't post this sooner. I loved this photo shooting. It was with a friend of mine called Filippos Pallikaras (see his portfolio here). He has a talent for portraits and when a project about a jewelry designer came I knew I wanted to work with Filippos. The designer is called Giouli and everything is handmade. I got to talk with her on an event once and I could see the passion behind her work. You know me, when I see how passionate someone is about their work I want to support them. She kindly gave us her designs for the shoot and we made a more relaxed theme focusing manly on the vibrant colors of the pieces. Every piece is stunning and is made by request.
The trend this year says the chokers are a thing of the past and we are all for big and statement pieces. What are your thoughts on that?

See the pieces bellow

and a bonus one with one of my best friends..



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