Let's have a  talk. As I get older -and maybe a little wiser- I start to realize how much of a virtue is kindness. Kind people make me happy. Them being on the street or the marker or the train. I love them. They make my day. I was on the train the other day and the cutest grandma walks in. The train was packed that she had practically sandwich-ed me with the wall behind. She was facing me and started apologizing for being this close. I told her with a smile on my face "Not a problem, been there done that". Simple answer right? What most people would say, right? No. Not at all. She was so happy to hear that I was not pissed and actually smiled rather than make 'a face' that says "just get out of the train'' that she started to compliment me. She told me how nice I was and that my parents did a great job raising me to be this nice. Then it got to me; people are hella rude. Whenever I bump into someone by accident I always apologize but they hardly ever reply to me, they just look at me with a crooked mouth that says: "watch where you are going lady". How nice would it be if everyone was just...kind. It is so sad to think that people put so much energy into making other people feel bad. Smile it off, would ya?? 

Yesterday, people on Facebook said it was a 'Blue Monday". It sure as hell was for me! I had a bad start and after arriving to college it was even badder then. I had a fight with a classmate and an argument with my teacher. All that was because the other party was rude. This is where I stopped to think and decided to not let anyone near me that is not kind. I am kind to people and I expect at least some form of nice behavior. I refuse to let any more bitter people ruin my day. Am I wrong?

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