I thank God for the '70s. It's like a different world, more colorful and more daring. Or maybe this is the time when fashion started getting more and more daring in my opinion. Honestly hippie style was never really my cup of tea -says the girls that sleeps in leather- but I find the shapes extraordinary and so feminine. There are 2 kind of '70s on my mind; hippies and Laurent's take on a female in a tuxedo. I chose the later and played with the shapes of the hippies. 
I swear this is the last time you read the word "hippies" in this post. Oops.
I had an assignment for college as part of the many many things I need to finish for my exams and one of them was this photoshoot. The theme was the 1970 and we borrowed clothes from a Greek designer called Paris Valtadoros. My blogger roots allowed me to have more sponsors cause honestly the accessories are a pretty big deal when you are putting together a look. Going without accessories is like food without salt. My other sponsor is Senso Del Lusso, a shop in which you can find handmade leather creations or simply put; where my dreams are. Everything is handmade and you can feel the love. No, literally. As a fashion design student I appreciate handmade pieces much more. They have two shops. One in Athens and one in Zante and they just created their online store! Also keep a watch cause we will be collaborating on some posts in the near future!

This is the time where I wonder where the post is taking me and actually I am dead tired from a full day and I will probably end this post by analyzing to you all my weird dreams or something. 
No seriously, if you are up to finding out my weird dreams let me know. I will do a whole new series for your entertainment. 

Fashion Editor Dora Toubanaki (aka Bangs Bang)
Photographer Ria Mort
Model Oriada Bajrami (The Legion GR)

Fur and leather belt Senso Dell Lusso
Clothes Paris Valtadoros
Glasses ZeroUV

I would love, love to hear your thoughts!



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