Every time someone tells me that they are thinking of starting a blog I literally PAUSE everything I am doing; run to them; grab them by the collar and shake them till they feel dizzy screaming at the top of my lungs: "Don't do it!! Having a blog is like having a baby. Have you ever thought how it is like having a baby?? SO many responsibilities!"
ha ha ha ha
Just kidding....


I love blogging and before listing the 'common' problems every blogger have I want to take a second and be kind of mainstream and boring by saying how much I do not regret having started a blog. 
It is quite scary actually to think my life without it. I mean I am not really just a girl posing in front of a camera and writing some words. Many might see it this way but if you are one of 'us' then you know that it takes so much work and dedication and the pictures are JUST the show. In the backstage there are a million things to be done in order for the reader to see what he is seeing. Think about it like a product. Let's take a phone for example. You see a device as small as your hand (eeh well kinda) but have you ever thought about all the stages this device has gone through to be in your hand? Let me list just a few: research, competition research, management, marketing, financial, swot, product design..etc. Do you see where I am going here? The pictures you see are the results of many many stages really. 
Let's get back to the 'good part' of blogging. Some years ago I was just a girl wearing way too many converse shoes and only my brother's clothes. I was self-conscious and scared to show my self through my clothes. I thought I couldn't do it. When I started blogging I first wanted it to be a secret from everyone in my life because I was pretty shy and I thought the worst thing that can happen would be for someone to find out I have a blog. Many of you don't know that I had a blog called "Part-Time Fashionista" which was kind of a style-blog too but then I realized that someone else had this title too and I deleted it. When I started Bangs Bang I wanted it to be a secret too. It took me so much courage to stand in front of a camera. The camera I used then was a simple one and I used to balance it on a tall stool which had a candle on top -a decoration my mum had in her house. One day it fell down and broke but I still found a way to take pictures. Either with my phone or I borrowed my uncle's camera. I just found myself sticking to it. Maybe it was the people or the fact that I wanted to find new ways to wear my clothes and be comfortable with my own skin. I eventually started paying attention to making my blog's image better and better. I used to go every Saturday morning on my mum's backyard and bring a backpack with clothes and take pictures of outfits. I was so concentrated to it for every Saturday which made me realize that there is something that keeps me going forward and this must only be my love for fashion. When my dad decided to let me leave my previous studies and enrolled me in a fashion design school I was finally free. You cannot imagine how liberating it is to be able to do what you love. Once I started attending fashion school last year I started to understand more and more about my passion and I started having the urge to create an image for my blog that I would be completely content with. I decided to hire a photographer. A talented photography student called Ria -and also a friend of mine- that her work is that of a professional. She helped me achieve the quality I have now. I am a little bit far from my goal right now and it really is just the fact that I am on a student's budget and I am trying to pay attention to my fashion school along with blogging and having a social life. I will achieve the perfect image I want Bangs Bang to have and I hope you will be there to see it. I am proud of myself. This seems a little bit egoistic to say but you wouldn't think that if you knew what I have been through. Thank you for reading this and for those that have been there since the beginning I consider you a family. Thank you!

Wearing amazing real leather pieces from Senso Del Lusso! Every item is handmade and you can find it on their site www.sensodellusso.com

Scroll to the end to read my 5 common blogger problems!

To lighten the mood a little bit here are my TOP 5 FASHION BLOGGER PROBLEMS:

  1. Hey old man at the National Garden where we decided to shoot our next outfit. Hope you enjoyed seeing my booty while I was changing in the middle of the National Garden. 
  2. Ria are your hands so cold that you cannot press the click on the camera? I feel ya here wearing a backless top and smiling to the camera like I am on the beach on a sunny day rather than wearing little clothes when it's snowing.
  3. Your laptop being your source of life and depending on it more than you depend on food -and coffee, let's not forget coffee.
  4. I am going to get back problems because I have to have my DSLR with me at all times. Damn you promise to myself to level-up the quality of my blog.
  5. Oh hey store employ. Nah I just came by to take a photo of the shoes. Not buying, I have no money. 

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