Is there a thing as too much layering? I believe not! 
Does layering ever go out of style? I believe not again!
Today's look is all about light layering. One fashion store I am loving is Favela, which has the most interesting and cool collection of clothes, shoes and accessories. For those living in Greece you can find the store in 2 places:  Skoufa Str 64 in Kolonaki and in Halandri at  Ag.Georgiou Str. 2. For those outside Greece Favela offers international shipping! As much 'warm' as this outfit seems it really is quite light for winter and it is my first attempt to Spring dressing. The shoes of course! My first pair of sandals for this Spring is those lace up Miista sandals that are a little punk and a little romantic too. Much similar to this blogger here. 

On another note..

Do you ever feel like your subconscious is trying to tell you something through your dreams? I believe mine is. I have had the most distressful nights. Full of awful dreams and mostly dreams of me trying to run away from something. This period of my life has been smooth at most so I cannot see how my dreams relate. They are out of nowhere and on a daily basis. I feel like I am trapped in my dreams every night and I am trying to wake up but I can't. Sometimes our hearts know more things that our mind wants to acknowledge. My distress lately can only be explained by how I am having too much work to do that it keeps on following me around until I make the deadlines on time. My mind believes I am in a calm state but I am obviously not.

Do you ever feel like your subconscious knows more that what you believe you know?



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