I was on a film! 
Just Kidding. 

I had this concept on my mind because of a certain Facebook group called Cinematheia. I really wanted to 'tell my story' with movie stills. What story you would ask? Well, a story about heartbreak. I will not put names in my story and the actual events happened a little bit differently -more tears and all. I believe that every artist can take their sadness and turn it into art. Sad stories and heartbreaks are always welcome in my life because they bring me feelings I never had and I learn lessons that help me grow. 

Once upon a time there was a girl and a boy. They were friends but they began feeling more and more attracted to each other. The girl fell in love with the boy a little too quickly. The boy was not set on loving back the girl so he left. The girl was too stubborn to show her feeling because she knew he would never choose her and that would hurt a lot. Not showing her feeling made her hurt even more from a broken heart. She was stubborn, in love and heartbroken. So much she couldn't eat but no one knew except a page from her diary. She would never be able to listen to certain songs without getting an ache in her heart and it's his fault.

Remembering this is a fashion blog I will be adding my big apologies on me being absent for almost a month. It is the final 3 months until I finish my fashion school and I am dead busy. I will be posting but not as regularly. I am doing a lot of photoshoots with models and designer clothes and I will be posting them here soon for you to see!!

This outfit was one of my favorites because it has a vinyl skirt. Vinyl is my second favorite fabric because....come on. If you knew me you would understand why. I made the skirt myself but I accidentally teared it later the same day. I am wearing my favorite sandals from Miista and the pattern is just perfect for this outfit. 

Jacket Stradivarius
Shirt Zara
Skirt made by me
Shoes Miista

I missed so much this little space of mine and reading all your comments and posts!!! 
Special Thanks to my friend Sotiris for taking part in my photoshoot!

Have you ever been heartbroken?



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Photography Ria Mort

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