Let me tell you: I have a dream team. Maybe I was too lucky to find it this early. My dream team is my photographer and the people I work with. It is so hard to find people that genuinely love their job or have passion for anything at all. When I find people that have the same amount of passion as I do I keep them. This is the smartest move: being close to people that have dreams and are pursuing them.
Let me tell you how it started...

I was on Facebook and I was lucky enough to come across a photographer called Ria Mort (Mort is not her surname of course). I was amazed by her work and I saw that she had an approach to her work that I found unique. I had no idea how she looked or where she worked. I knew she was in Athens and since I was spending New Years in my aunt there I thought it would be an amazing idea to shoot a special post with her-this post. I came in contact with her and we decided to shoot near her house. When she opened the door I saw a young girl, dressed as if she was an English punk -on the cooler side- and she was definitely younger than me. She was a photography student and almost two years younger than me. THE SHOCK. I was expecting a professional photographer but I met a photography student that her work can compare to the works you see on magazine covers. The girl was so funny and easy to be around but professional as hell. She still amazes me to this day. After that I couldn't do any more shoots with her because I lived pretty far. Only last year in October when I finally moved to Athens I knew I had to keep working with her. From last October she is the photographer on my blog and a great friend too. 
I have lots of styling projects with my school so I always pick her to take the photos. I recently decided to pursue an internship in a magazine so I am building a portfolio to present as my work. We have worked together on five project and we will be working on more in the future. 

Today's post is photographed by Ria Mort and it the designer is a Greek designer called Nella Ioannou. She kindly gave as this dress from her Haute Couture collection. The concept is Caravaggio and his unique way of putting light in his paintings. He is one of my favorite painters of all time and a great inspiration. We had to show you the dress so we did a second concept outside in the forest.

Styling by me
Photographer Ria Mort
Mua and Hair by Zoe Kalamaki 
Model Alexandra Untilova

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