I get the blues quite often but then I remember all the good things that happen to me and all the amazing people I have around me and the possibilities the future can bring. Ugh, it's hard being an introvert with big dreams. I get to go out of my comfort zone way too much that I believe I am actually slowly curing my introverted self and turning into an extrovert. Is it really possible to change? I never saw myself dancing in a club and feeling the music but now I do each time we go out. I never saw myself changing clothes outside for a photoshoot but now I do it even with people around-this hopefully won't get me in jail for flashing strangers but I am not flashing strangers I swear! I never saw myself reaching out to people and talking to them first but now I do. I never saw myself believing in my opinion but now I stand by it (if I am 100% sure about it). I never saw myself surrounded by amazing people when I was hiding in my room most of the time but now I feel so blessed that I would rather spend time with them than stay in the comfort of my room alone. So when people say that blogging is a waste of time I tell them that I wouldn't be here talking to them if it wasn't for blogging and I would probably be in my bedroom watching dramas with a locked door.  

Happy May! Spring is so here and I can feel it -through my friends and their allergies!
Just Kidding.
I decided to go a little bit more romanc-y feeling today. I chose pastel colors to celebrate Spring. Pairing a white, long blazer with an off-the-shoulder chiffon dress and a pair of sandals. I didn't have many textures in my outfit so I added a snakeskin print to give dimension to the whole look. My tip is to never be afraid of prints. Prints can turn an outfit from boring to amazing so a small print detail is always welcome if you are afraid to experiment. My clothes today are from one of my favorite shops in Athens called Favela. You might remember the shop from many of my previous outfits in the blog. You can shop online on Favela.com and in store at Kolonaki, Skoufa 64 and in Halandri,  Ag.Georgiou Str. 2 in Athens. Their collection is amazing and unique. They also ship worldwide for all of you outside Greece!

Blazer True Decadence
Shoes Miista



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Photography: Ria Mort Photography

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