So my friend can read tarot cards. Yep, another educational post here. I am starting to believe in cards. She kind of always predicts thinks that happen and it's pretty amazing and scary at the same time. I would have laughed some time ago if someone told me that they believe in it but now I am slowly changing my mind. Do you guys believe in gifted people like that? Have anyone ever read tarot cards for you and predicted something correctly? 
I am so intrigued by this so please let me know in the comments bellow!
 Also, I have a YouTube channel and have a video already here. I made it some time ago with questions you guys asked me on my blog. I am really into making more videos for any chit-chats or to show you inside a fashion student's life. I would also love to hear some of your thoughts or ideas on what videos you would like to see! I will take my Greek-ish accent and speak to you through my lens.

Today's outfit is the first white-pants outfit of the year and this means it's getting close to Summer. My mum always told me that white pants are ONLY for Spring/Summer -something I completely disagree on. You know I always had the mindset: like it, wear it. It doesn't matter if the color or fabric is considered to be worn in Spring or Summer. If you want to wear white pants on a snowy day -do it! Want to wear sandals on a snowy day? Don't do it it's probably a really bad idea but who am I to tell?

Back to the outfit: My outfit is from Favela. At the end of the post you will find all the links to the products. Lace up is one of this year's biggest trends and you can probably tell just by looking around a store or Instagram. I chose those white pants with the lace-up detail that makes them more edgy than romantic -something I am always aiming for. I paired it with a lose and breezy button-down animal print shirt -with a detail on the back makes it all the more appealing. Since it's still kinda breezy yet I went for a jean jacket in a Medium size to give it a baggy and laid-back feeling. I did little-to-none accessorizing because the main attraction are the shoes. I just adore them! They remind me of the shoes my mum used to wear in the '90s with a bit of '60s feeling. They are as comfortable as a flat shoe too -gotta give credit for that! Another big trend this season is the 1960's inspired sunglasses. Big sunnies and thick frame in fancy colors. 



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