Now, before you say anything about my "pants" keep in mind they were only 9$. I wanted to try this trend and for 9$ I can handle  the miss. This is how my process went: 

1. Oh, I wanted to try this and it's only 9$? Oh well *bought*
2. They actually fit nice, not sure if I love them.

3. Instagram pic; yay!
4. Let's see how to style them.... overdoing it a bit is fine right?
5. I love the photos!
6. 1 week later: what have I done? *cuts the skirt part of the pants*

Now that I cut them they look way better but I don't regret a thing. This is the thing with trends. You can tell some are temporary and will wear off in a few months so why buy them? If you want to follow a trend then buy a cheap piece, do not invest in it. You will remember me. This is not a tutorial on how to wear the trend but more of a how Dora wore it. I can be extra at times but if you visit my blog regularly then you like that. I wore this gorgeous shirt/dress/no-idea-how-to-call-it shirt that I bought from Zara. I believe it's a mix of OFF-WHITE and the ruffle trend. I love Zara but their lawyers are strong. I can name every designer-inspired piece inside a shop. No hatin! I wore the "pants" with little but oh-very-flashy accessories like those earrings. The big-earrings trend is on for good but being extra at it can be a loose too. I am on the edge of loose here but I wouldn't do it any other way. 

On another note, I have been obsessed with nail-art lately and THIS lovely lady picked me as a "model" to some nail-art fun. You can watch the tutorial for my nails on her YouTube channel here.

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