Pink + Red. A combination I used to think looked extremely tacky now is all over thanks to Balenciaga. Tacky? I take it back. It is true it can look tacky if done wrong but if done right the harmony between those colors is amazing. I loved Taylor Swift's take on the red+pink combo on the Grammy's some time ago. The two fabrics blended together just right and the outcome was modern and stunning. On my look I decided to wear ruffled pants and a satin blouse. To blend them all together I added a red belt and no more accessories than a pair of sunglasses. Pink is generally considered as a girly color and mixed with red -that is the color of passion- makes the look all the more interesting. 
Do not be afraid to try it. Just find what works best for you all you need to do is try and have fun with it. I suggest going easy with a red shirt, a pair of jeans and add pink shoes or a pink handbag. 

On a more personal note: Yes, this is me in the photos. Where are the bangs you would ask? I decided one day to lift my bangs up and my friends refused to let me have bangs again. I will live this bang-less dream for a bit (well, doesn't that sound all too wrong?) and I will come back with my bangs.

What are your thoughts on this trend?

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Photography by Ria Mort

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