You know this blog is a mix of my diary and also a fashion blog. Recently, I realized something more about life and people. Sometimes I think that I am old enough and then I realize I am no were near having enough experience in a lot of things. I used to think that if you are true to everyone then everyone will be true to you. Let me tell you; major mistake. God gave me lessons but I still believed that I learned the lesson. I was nowhere near even at this age when God gave me another lesson on trust. I trust people 100% but not everyone trusts you enough to show you their true colors. I used to blame myself, thinking that I am lacking somewhere because I keep meeting people that will use my trust on their own benefit, but it's not me. It is not my fault or your fault when people lie to you. Your only fault is that you made a mistake and believed everything they told you. On my end, I will continue being open and honest with people but like a Greek saying says: when they tell you there are many cherries in the field,  hold a small basket.- which basically translates to: when people say big words, be cautious. 
On a different note; I decided to put my endless collection of scarves to use. I love scarfs but I always forget to wear them. Today I felt like securing it in my low ponytail and I love the vibe I got. Both my shirt and my skirt are from and the fit of the blouse is amazing, the skirt is not the best fitting but when you order online this happens. The blouse at 20$ is a great buy. The shoes are my new obsession. Mules but not. They are from Forever 21. Also powder pink is this Summer's statement color and the shoes make the whole look a little bit more girly. 

What I wore:

Back to the personal note; 
What are your thoughts on trust? Do you believe that when you are honest people will be honest back?

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