Do you ever feel frustrated when there are tons of million things you want to check off your list? My way of handling this feeling is to do nothing at all. I know, not an example to look out for! Lately I want to do a lot of stuff and I even bought a cute calendar to keep track of my schedule but I find myself always missing my schedule. I believe it takes GREAT determination to accomplish everything you want in the time frame you want. As of now -first of all it just started raining and I decided it is movie night- my life has somewhat become a little more interesting as I started my internship at the beginning of September. I am working with a Greek designer I always admired AND you can totally check out updates and vlogs I will be adding on my YouTube channel

Today's post is about Happy Socks. I am guessing this sounds familiar. Colorful and great prints on socks are a way to show your personality I believe. They kindly send me some pieces to try on and I did two different styles. This is the part 1.
As mules are BIG and even BIGGER this season I paired my pair of socks with Gucci look-a-likes from forever 21. This is an entirely Fall outfit and not quite in season but I cannot resist my leather jackets or any jacket for that matter. I paired two jackets; a baggy blazer underneath a baggy leather jacket. To make the outfit have more shape I added a leather belt at the small of my waist and just a white print top underneath. 

Accessories always play a big part so I added some big-granny clear lensed glasses I bought from Zara. The nerdy look always had a spot in my heart for some reason. 



Photography Ria Mort

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