Let me start by saying that you should always believe in yourself and in your own opinion. Taking many opinions into account is not a bad thing but changing your own opinion because someone said so is a way to disrespect yourself. That being said, this is exactly what happened with my graduation collection. I was so scared I would not achieve the best results and the result I was dreaming my clothes to have so in the last 3 days I changed my design completely because someone told me to. My clothes were originally white and red and they told me to "dirty" them because the theme was off. The theme was "Abandon world" but I wanted to originally make them all white and red as a way to show the rebirth of the world and the cleanness. As I was all stressed I decided to listen to other people and dye my clothes. The dye pretty much destroyed my clothes and they looked like a mess 3 days before the show. I was devastated and I cursed at myself for not listening to my own opinion and instinct. The damage was done and I had no time so I decided to buy a black graffiti spray and paint it over to make the look rougher. I was painting it until 3 hours before the show. It turned out amazing and maybe even better than the white version I was originally going for. I will always keep in my mind to believe in my instinct and not let other people change my own view. I have done it a lot of times in the past and I just learned my lesson. I trust my view and my aesthetics because they are mine and nobody else has the same personality as me as everyone is unique so a note to myself would be: listen to as many opinions available but keep the final choice your own.

Unfortunately, the photo-shoot was before I had the time to paint them as the photo-shoot was scheduled a day after I dyed the clothes and I hoped they looked good or that we could fix the color on Photoshop but neither of these worked. I was in the corner crying over my decision while my photographer was trying to calm me down. But as I always say for my wonderful girl and friend/photographer she can make anything work and I am glad she is my partner. 

This is a little clip from the runway!

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