This part where I have to write something always makes me anxious. I am no good with words and I am also not writing in my mother language which makes it all the more troubling with all the sentences starting with (I am....I think....I did...) and as you can probably guess I think is no fun. I also hate my posts not being personal -see I did it again with the I's. Do you ever feel like that or am I the only one having more trouble thinking what to write in the post rather than what to wear for the photoshoot? My life is hard...?

I am having a great time lately. I as usual forget to do things I promised myself I will do -like posting every week a new video on YouTube, yes I did that. But the great part is that I am doing my internship with a great designer in Greece. His brand is called CELEBRITY SKIN and everything is handmade which means the team including me are sewing EVERYTHANG by hand. My poor hands look nothing like a girls but we are making art so it is irrelevant. I promise to post a video on YouTube and also here with the clothes we made after the fashion show takes place on the 21st of October. The brand is avant garde, which means more art than wearability but the clothes are amazing so I am sure you will love them.

Back to the outfit, this the second part a few too many days later of my collaboration with Happy Socks. I did a rather hard to wear look but I was going for more editorial than street style. My pants are from Zara, as well as my bag. The ruffle off-the-shoulder top is from H&M and the shoes are from Forever 21 -yup not Gucci's what a surprise! I love these pants because they can be worn with so many different ways. You can style them with high heels and a charming top and make them professional and stylish but you can also add a pair of sneakers and make them feel more sporty and cool. I love slippers a whole lot lately and guess what, they are so comfy you will think you are at home. Thank you fashion Gods for this trend! 

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