In out generation you have to know how to use technology of any kind if you want your bussiness to flourish. I have done a lot of things, worked hours and hours for my content but it won't reach anybody if I don't do the right marketing steps. I am sure you can relate to that. 
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Email marketing is continuing to take the lead in digital marketing trends, and a new report by Hubspot shows that email is currently the third most lead-generating marketing strategy.

In addition, email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective strategies for lead generation in the realm of online marketing.

To the savvy online business, this means that a strong focus on email marketing can help grow your business faster and more cost-effectively than just about any other strategy.

Email marketing design trends in 2018 that will help you convert

Technology surrounding the digital world is always changing. For email marketers, that’s a good thing. New technology means more ways to interact with — and woo — prospective customers.

Let’s look at some of the most compelling design efforts on the 2018 email marketing scene and explore why they work so well.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

1. Interactive designs
Embracing interactivity in your emails should be Job One for your marketing team this year. With over 44.1% of marketers already incorporating interact email content, making some of your own is a no-brainer.

Compelling interactive designs are turning emails into inspiring micro-sites that give prospects a way to have a relationship with you without having to return to your website.

There are five main ways you can encourage interaction in your emails:

  1. Navigation bars/accordions/menus
  2. Shopping carts
  3. Real-time news/updates
  4. HTML5 video/animated GIFs
  5. Games/puzzles
2. Personalization

Personalization has gone beyond the realm of “Hi, ‘FIRST_NAME’,” to become truly targeted.

Let’s look at the way EasyJet crafts a stunning email with a very personal touch.

They didn’t just call their customer by name, they also memorialized their relationship with him, gave him suggestions on what to do next, and followed it up with a strong call-to-action (CTA).

That’s a lot of marketing value in one email.

Retailer Mack Weldon personalizes their emails by making recommendations based on what customers placed in their online shopping carts.
This helps discourage cart abandonment and promotes buying additional products to complete the purchase.

Monica Vinader takes personalization to the next level by using the customer’s initials on jewelry. This image makes it seem like they’ve created bespoke pieces just for the email recipient.

This type of dynamic and personalized content is an incredible — and effective — way to capitalize on your relationship with your customer to encourage continuing brand loyalty and increased purchasing.

3. Bite-sized content

Microsoft has recently discovered that goldfish have surpassed human beings in the attention-span department.

That’s right. A goldfish can pay attention for nine seconds. Us, not so much. We’re down to eight seconds.

For email marketers, that means providing small, but powerful, bits of information is critical to getting customers to act.

Let’s look at how Nest used infographics to engage with their customers. These images, from Venngage, show how nest provides a continual info-stream to keep customers interested.
Here’s another month’s “Interesting Fact:”
In keeping the reader informed and interested, Nest is also keeping their brand in front of customers and continuing to establish trust and loyalty.
Timberland also knows how to use micro-infographics to their best advantage. In this example from Litmus, they’ve incorporated a rolling live weather forecast into their Memorial Day Sale email.
Since they cater to the outdoorsy set, knowing the weather will make it easy to pair the correct footwear with your outdoor fun options. And if you don’t have the right kicks, you can find them at Timberland.

Another way to encourage customer interaction with your brand — and garner a bit of social proof in the process — is to share Tweetable quotes and information in your emails.

Here’s an example of what a Click to Tweet bar looks like:
Of course, you would insert the quote or bit of information that’s relevant to your brand in the box. The Click-to-Tweet box is so recognizable that it’s an almost reflexive share.

Wrap up

Of the email marketing design trends of 2018, these three: interactive design, personalization, and sharing bite-sized or “snackable” information provide the most impact for your email marketing strategy.

Choosing one or more can help bolster click-through-rates, increase trust, and build your brand a loyal following of customers that are engaged and ready to buy.

As technology improves, incorporating these elements into your email marketing campaign will become easier and more intuitive. Even now, widgets and other pre-coded elements make it easy to design creative, compelling emails that convert.

All credits for this article to Campaign Monitor and My Emma

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